Reez • 24 years • Male, He/Him

Autistic demon dog with too many fursonas.
Venezuelan living in Argentina
Working as a Full time Furry Artist since 2020, I'm also currently raising 2 cats who I love very much.
Mentally in Raccoon City, I bite, and Yes I'm a furry

I've been drawing since 2009, joined the furry fandom in 2012 and started taking commissions in 2016. I'm deeply inspired by retro stuff like anime series and video-games.

Price List

Please read my Terms of Service before commissioning
If you're looking for something not listed here, let me know so we can discuss it, I'm open to do more stuff than what's currently shown.
Important: Currently in the midle of updating examples! please ask me about lastest pieces since my pages aren't currently up to dateSOME EXAMPLES ARE OLD!


Price: $40
Size (may change): 1000x1400
Doesn't includes shading


Price: $60
Size: 1400 x 1400
Can do multiple/connected icons, up to 4 characters.


Starting price: $135
Size: 1920 x 1080 or 1440 x 1080
Includes a midbody/headshot drawing (your choice) with a complex background
Extra character: +$50-70


Starting Price: $150
Size (may change): 3500x3000
- Front View and Backview
- One Headshot
- Text and Color Palette (Optional)
- Fullbody +$40, Chibi +$10
- Extra Headshot/Details: +$25
- Custom Design: +$50-80

more info

Work days are from Monday to Thursday
Work times: 2:00pm - 8:00pm
(GMT-3, Argentinian Time)
Contact me through:


Keep in mind:
- I'm disabled, and this directly affects my work. Please keep this in mind and be patient, I'm trying.
- I have a queue that I'm trying to work through, however since this is my only job I cannot stop taking commissions, only commission me if you're comfortable with this, my queue can be found here
- I don’t work on Fridays, weekends or holidays, this includes not replying to messages.
- IN CASE OF A REFUND: Please consider discussing a manual refund before opening a refund case over Paypal. Doing art is currently my only source of income so because of this, I can't afford them. That's why I advise to be responsible and only buy artwork when you're 100% able to and sure about it.


Anthro Characters (Any species*)
Human/Humanoid Characters
Complex Armor/Clothing
Food, Objects, Weapons, Accesories
LGBTQ+ Themes
Nudity (won't be posted)
Monsters, Cryptids, Creatures


(Case-by-case, might charge extra)

Body Horror/Soft Gore
Vehicles/Complex Machinery/Mechas
Closed Species/Feral only Characters
NSFW Themes (including SFW fetishes)


Hateful Themes, Symbols or Ideas
Extreme Violence/Gore

- I will only draw in my style, please don't ask me to emulate someone else's
- My favorite subjects to draw are canines, big felines, Bara/Fat/Muscle, Male Characters, Guns (+ other weapons), natural backgrounds, and monsters
- Turnaround is between a month and two, depending on my queue.

- If you're interested in human/humanoid commissions, DM me for examples.
- I can work with Second Life/VRChat/3D models or text descriptions without a problem, no extra charged either.
- I'm not used to work by sending WIPS of ALL the stages of the artwork. If this is something you're interested in, let me know beforehand, otherwise I'm going to finish the artwork in one go without double checking.

frequently asked questions

Q: What do you use to draw?
Clip Studio Paint EX and a Ugee HK1560 Tablet
Q: What Brushes do you use?''
This one for Sketching
This one for Lineart
And this one for Shading
I'd recommend checking the Assets Store of Clip Studio,
it's filled with lots of useful things
Q: How do you pronounce "REEZARD"?
[RIZ] + [UHD], Like Lizard, yeah
Q: Can I Trace/Reference/Re-upload/Edit your Art?
Don't re-upload my art unless you're the original commissioner.
For everything else: Ask me first.
For the record, I'm not ok with tracing/editing IF it's from commissions.
Referencing is more of a grey area. That's why I'd rather get asked first about it.
Q: What inspires you?
Anything shiny enough, and stuff from the 80s-90s
Q: Have you been to an art school before?
Yep, I dropped out as soon as I could.
Q: Are your commissions open?
Most of the time, yes, they are!
You can check on this website or in my galleries to see the current status of my commissions
But I rarely close them. I only do so when I have way more work than what I can currently handle.
Q: How long will my commission take?
Estimated time of competition is between a month or two.
If I take longer than that, I will let you know!
You're free to ask for updates, and check out my Trello to see my current queue as well.
Q: I don't have a design yet, can I commission you still?
Yes! Depending on the complexity of the design and the type of commission, I might
charge extra for the time it would take me to work on a new design on top of the commission
if this is the case though, I will let you know before you commission me!
Q: Do you accept 3D models as a reference?
(Second Life, VRchat, etc)
Yes! I have experience working with 3D models, so it's not a problem!
I also don't charge extra for this.
Q: Do you take payment plans?
Nope, sorry!
Maybe in the future, but for now, all payments must be done in full
Q: Are you a Furry?
Q: [Anything related to Venezuela]
Unless I bring up the subject first/We're friends, please don't
Q: How many fursonas do you have?
In total 33, I only actively use like 3, only draw like 1 at most lol
They're all important to me tho.
Q: Why do you have so many fursonas?
Because I'm against current society's ideals
Q: Who's your main fursona?
Currently, that place is being shared between
Berg, an Ice Dragon, Reez, a Bone Demon (both designed by ForestFright),
Lobo, a Wolf (Designed by Cyviarvuk, with edits by me) and Eriks, a Goat (Designed by Pluviofleur)
Q: Would you consider trading/selling
[Character outside Trade/Sale folder on TH]?

Q: Are you really a Demon?

Terms of service

Note: These Terms of Service are relevant to NONCOMMERCIAL projects only and are subject to revisions, editing, and additions without any kind of notice.


  • Clients must be 18 or older for all transactions, regardless of the subject.

  • The Client must read and agree all the above terms before entering into an agreement with the Artist. By sending payment, the client automatically confirms that they have read, understand and agree with the T.O.S

  • The Artist reserves the right to deny any commission and/or blacklist clients without providing a reason.

  • The Artist reserves the right to cancel a commission and issue a refund because of poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior, or inability to communicate in clear English/Spanish, or unforeseen inability to complete the commission.

  • The Artist will not handle depictions of racist, culturally appropriative, transphobic, homophobic, or hateful images. Fan Characters, Non-explicit fetishes, sexually explicit material, artistic nudity, violence and gore will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Failure to abide by these terms may result in cancellation of your commission and/or permanent blocking

Time, Edits and Process

  • All commissions are done between 30 days up to 90 days using as a reference the moment the commission is added to the queue.

  • The Client may ask about updates regarding the commission at any time.

  • The Client may ask for any work to be completely redone at the sketch stage. There’s no extra charge for this. Edits made after the coloring stage will be charged extra.

  • The Client must provide the most up-to-date reference(s) available. Other types of references (3D models, text descriptions, photos, etc) are acceptable as well.

  • The Client can make edits to the artwork, including but not limited to cropping, color changes and draw-overs. The Client must specify somewhere visible when they share an edited version of the artwork.

  • The Artist reserves the right to charge an extra fee for any edits that weren’t originally clarified in any of the reference(s)

  • Commissions can be edited for a period of 365 days after the completion of the artwork. Work that is older than this period won't be edited.

  • A WIP will be provided once the commission starts being worked on, additional WIPS must be asked for beforehand.

  • The Artist reserves the right to put the commission on hold while The Client reviews the initial sketch WIP.

  • The Client can track the progress of the commission through the designated Trello page.


  • The artist only works with USD (American Dollar) and ARS (Argentinian Pesos) currency. Payment is done via PayPal invoice for USD commissions. Square, Venmo, or other services are not available.

  • The Artist won't accept payment outside of PayPal Invoicing unless discussed beforehand.

  • For the client's and artist's safety, sending money through "Friends and Family" is absolutely forbidden.

  • Commission work will start once payment has been made in full, no exceptions.

  • Other forms of payment (ex. E-checks, Bank Transfers) for commissions in USD are not accepted. I don't take any other type of currency except for the ones already listed.

  • Payment plans are not available.

  • Lack of communication/payment for 10 days after the invoice has been sent will result in cancelation of the commission.

  • Displayed prices may change due to complexity in character designs, themes, backgrounds, etc.

Refund Policy.

  • If there's any kind of emergency, the client may ask for a full refund, in this case The Artist reserves the right to keep the unfinished commission, which might be reused in other works, either personal or commercial.

  • Refunds are determined on a case-by-case basis. I will not refund complete or nearly completed work.

  • The Artist retains the right to drop the commission at any point without any explanation.

In the case that either party involved decides to stop working with the other, and both parts agree,
a refund ranging from 100% to 25% of the total price will be provided depending on how finished was the artwork:

Not StartedSketchLineartFlat ColorsShading
100%75%50%25%No Refunds

Usage Policy.

  • The Artist retains ALL the rights over the artwork, including the right to make prints and merchandise, and to alter the commissioned work to make it more generic for print at the Artist’s discretion. Image rights can be negotiated for an added fee.

  • The Client retains the rights over the character depicted. This does not allow the client rights to the commissioned image.

  • The Client can repost the finished piece anywhere with proper credit. I have accounts on FurAffinity, Twitter, Bluesky, Tumblr and Toyhouse (All with the same username, REEZARD)

  • The Artist reserves the right to post WIPS (works in progress) of the commission on the Patreon Server for patrons to see.

  • The Client may print the artwork only for single prints for personal use and display not to be resold or used commercially.

  • Commercial use of REEZARD's artwork is strictly forbidden. Commissioned artwork is for personal-use only.

  • Usage of REEZARD's art for any advertising or profits associated with nonfungible tokens (NFTs), or in relationship with blockchain, cryptocurrency technology, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) generated images is strictly prohibited.

  • By purchasing a commission, The Client agrees to the possibility of it being used as an example for commission work, a 35% privacy fee will be added if The Client wishes to keep said commission private.

  • The Artist reserves the right to post or not post the finished commission online. The Artist may refuse to post a commission without providing a reason.

  • Unwatermarked versions are not available. Don't remove the watermark either, The Client may ask to have it moved/resized.


  • The Artists will keep the original file around for easy access for 180 days, after this time any changes to the pieces will have an extra +20% fee on top of the editing fee.

  • The Artist will provide a high quality .PNG file of the commissioned artwork via a google drive file (unless The Client asks for a different way of delivery), a different type of image file (.JPEG, .TIFF, Etc) may be provided upon request.

  • Layered canvas files (.PSD or .CLIP) won't be provided.

  • Some character colors may be subject to change depending on what the artist deems fits the best for the artwork. No characters will be left unrecognizable, but if color accuracy is important for The Client, keep this in mind.

  • The Artist won't work with pure black/white characters, and the base colors of those characters will be subject to change to a different saturation.

  • The Artist may recycle sketches of any preparatory works that were rejected by The Client for other commissions or personal works

  • The Client may not pay other artists to finish or edit commissioned artwork

PDF version of the Terms of Service available for download Here

Last Update: 30/05/2024

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