Furry Artist.
Commissions are Open

Male, He/Him
I don't have a name, so call me whatever
Secretly a cat pretending to be a dog online. I'm also a Demon

Doing furry art for a living while raising 3 cats, currently living in Hell, I bite, and Yes I'm a furry

Price List

Please read my Terms of Service before commissioning
If you're looking for something not listed here, let me know so we can discuss about it, I'm open to do more stuff than what's currently shown.


Price: $40
Can do multiple characters


Starting price: $60
Includes a midbody/headshot drawing with a background
Extra character: +$60
Upgrade to Fullbody: +$20


Price: $80
Can do multiple characters


Starting Price: $80
-Front View (Fullbody)
-Backview (midbody)
-One Headshot & Chibi
-Text and Color Palette (Optional)
-Fullbody +$40, Chibi +$30
-NSFW detail: +$20

More Info

Monday - Friday
2:30pm - 8:30 pm
(GMT-3:00, Argentinian Time)
Feel free to contact me through:



Anthro Characters (Any species)
Human/Humanoid Characters
Complex Armor/Clothing
Food, Objects, Weapons, Accesories
LGBTQ+ Themes

- I'm disabled and this directly affects my work at times. Please keep this in mind and be patient, I'm trying.
- I don’t work on weekends or holidays, this includes not replying to messages.


Body Horror
Monsters, Cryptids, Creatures
Nudity (won't be posted)
Vehicles or Complex Machinery
Closed Species (Case-by-Case)

  • Turnaround is around a month, depending on my queue

  • If you're interested in human commissions, feel free to DM me for examples

  • I can work with Second Life/VRChat/3D models or text descriptions without a problem, No extra charged either


Hateful Themes, Symbols or Ideas
Extreme Violence/Gore
Weight gain/Hyper (Fat characters are fine)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you use to draw?
Clip Studio Paint EX and a Ugee HK1560 Tablet
Q: What Brushes do you use?''
This one for Sketching
This one for Lineart
And this one for Shading
I'd recommend checking the Assets Store of Clip Studio because it is filled with lots of useful things
Q: Why haven't you replied my Comment/Note/Message/Email?
I probably haven't read it yet, I get distracted way too easily, and messages make me anxious, it's something I'm trying to improve but for the time being is really hard to control,
so It's very likely that I will take my time before replying to something UNLESS it's really important, I'm sorry!
(If you're curious about the state of your commission, you can always check my Trello, which I update frequently)
Q: How do you pronounce "REEZARD"?
[RIZ] + [UHD], Like Lizard, yeah
Q: Can I Trace/Reference/Reupload/Edit your Art?
Don't reupload my art.
For everything else: Ask me first.
For the record, I'm not ok with tracing IF it's from commissions. Referencing and Edits are more of a grey area, that's why I'd rather get asked first about it.
Q: What inspires you?
Anything shiny enough
Q: Have you been to an art school before?
Yep, I hated it. Dropped out as soon as I was able to.
Are you a Furry?
Yeah, Furries are cool af
[Literally anything related to Venezuela]
Unless I bring up the subject first/We're friends, please don't
How many fursonas do you have?
In total 16, I only actively use like 3, only draw like 1
Q: Why do you have so many fursonas?
Because I'm against current society's ideals
Q: Who's your main fursona?
Berg, an Ice Dragon designed by ForestFright
Q: Would you consider trading/selling [Character outside Trade/Sale folder on TH]?
Q: Are you really a Demon?

Terms of service


  • When you commission me, you automatically agreed with this T.O.S. I will not be responsible for your failure to read it.

  • I reserve the right to deny any commission and/or blacklist clients without providing a reason.

  • Failure to abide these terms may result in cancellation of your commission and/or permanent blacklisting

  • Displayed prices may change due to complexity and difficulty. Anything not covered on here can be discussed.

Time, Edits and Process

  • All commissions are done between 15 days up to a month. if I take more time than expected, I’ll let you know about this beforehand.

  • You may ask for any sketch to be completely redone. Edits after the coloring stage will be charged extra

  • Give me the most up-to-date reference(s) you have, if I have to change something that was not on the original reference I will charge extra. Please be very clear and set in what you want. Don’t be afraid to get REALLY specific since I don't mind it at all.

  • I like to work on things on one sitting, so I'm not used to work by send Wips of all the stages of the artwork, if this is something you're interested in, let me know beforehand, otherwise I'm going to finish the artwort without checking in

  • I send a sketch wip when the payment has been done, I will not continue until you respond and approve it.

  • You can check the progress of your commission through my Trello


  • I won't start working on the commission before getting the payment in full. No exceptions.

  • I work ONLY with Paypal, in USD currency. Payment is sent via Paypal invoice

  • Other forms of payment (ex. E-checks) are not currently accepted. I don't take any other type of currency.

  • I don't work with Cryptocurrency

  • I do not offer payment plans

  • Unless discussed beforehand, If the payment is not received after 48 hours of getting in contact the commission will be cancelled

Refund Policy.

  • Commission with responsability, don't buy artwork you can't afford.

  • You have 48 hours to ask for a full refund, after said time IF I have started the commission I only do partial refunds. Your artwork will get done UNLESS I state otherwise.

  • If there's any kind of emergency, you can ask for a full refund but I reserve the right to keep the unfinished commission (If I found that you lied about this, you’ll be blacklisted)

  • I retain the right to drop your commission at any point without any explanation, you will get from 100% to 25% of the total price depending on how finished was the work, plus the artwork in its current state:

-Not started: 100%
-Sketch: 75%
-Lineart: 50%
-Colours and Shadows: 25%

Note: Please, consider talking about a manual refund before opening a refund case over paypal.
I just CAN'T afford refunds, Doing art is currently my only source of income, either commission me or don't, but be responsible with your money and only buy artwork when you're 100% able to

Usage Policy.

  • I retain the rights over the artwork. You retain the rights over the character despited.

  • You can repost your commission anywhere* with proper credit, I have accounts on FurAffinity, Deviantart, Twitter and Toyhouse (All with the same username)

  • Feel free to use your commission as an Icon, Banner, Background photo and such, no credit needed, but it's appreciated.

  • You may print the work only for single prints for personal use and display not to be resold or used commercially. Commercial use of my artwork is forbidden.

  • Usage of my art for any advertising or profits associated with non fungible tokens (NFTs), or in relationship with the blockchain or cryptocurrency is strictly prohibited.

  • By purchasing a commission you agree to it possibly being used as an example for commission work, A 25% privacy fee will be added if you wish to keep your commission private.

  • I reserve the right to post (or not post) the commission in my pages, if I refuse to post a commission for whatever reason, please don't ask me about it.

  • I don’t give out unwatermarked Versions. Please don't remove my watermark either, you can ask to have it moved or resized.

  • Don't claim the artwork as your own. Don't edit my work without my permission.

*Sites not included: E621, Inkbunny and F-List.
PDF Version available for download here

Last Update: 03/06/2021